Virtual Internship

As a virtual intern with Mitzi Dulan, R.D., CSSD, since January of 2010, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in the development of her brand, as America’s Nutrition Expert, through various social media venues.  I also created nutrition handouts for the Kansas City Royals, a Major League Baseball team that Mitzi is the team nutritionist for.  It’s been an absolutely phenomenal experience so far!

Here’s a list of articles I worked on for Mitzi’s blog at her website.  Feel free to check out her site – she is an incredible dietitian, author, speaker, and mentor!

3 Protein Superstars to Add to Your Grocery Cart

Top 5 Spices for Good Health

Meet My 2010 Virtual Internship Team!

Protein Power: Your Guide to Greek Yogurt

5 Keys to Losing Fat Fast for Spring Break

5 Healthy Salad Swaps

4 Reasons to Add Oats to Your Breakfast Lineup

10 Must-Do’s For Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Healthy Eyes

Mitzi’s Interns Share Their Fave Secret Smoothie Recipes!

Do You Have a Fat Phobia?

8 Ways to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Top 12 Healthy Pantry Essentials

Top Tunes Tuesday: Fresh Finds

How to Eliminate 5 Common Exercise Excuses

6 Simple Flavor Boosters

Top Tunes Tuesday: The Classics

5 Healthy Burger Swaps

How to Eat Dessert and Stay Lean!

5 Fast & Easy Summer Salsas

Foodie Friday: Dates

Food Dyes: What You Need to Know

3 Ways to Get Your Leafy Greens

5 Meal Planning Tips

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Smoothies

7 Keys to Make Exercise a Habit

Foodie Friday: Bananas

10 Keys to Feeding a Family on a Budget

Meet My Interns!

8 Simple Ways to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

6 Must-Haves for Nutrition-On-The-Go

Foodie Friday: Nutritional Yeast

Foodie Friday: Bell Peppers

Diet Quiz III

Foodie Friday: Squash

5 Nutrition Tricks for Dining Out


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